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Becoming an HD Radio Broadcaster

iBiquity Digital’s licensing program enables you to integrate the ground-breaking HD Radio technology into your station’s broadcasting system and provide you with marketing tools and support.

How to Become an HD Radio Broadcaster

U.S. stations need to:

1. Acquire a Technology License from iBiquity Digital.

Questions about domestic U.S. licensing terms and costs should be directed to:

    Rick Greenhut
    Director, U.S. Broadcast Sales
    Phone: (443) 539-4335
    Email: greenhut@ibiquity.com

Questions about licensing terms and costs outside the U.S. should be directed to:

    John Schneider
    Director of Business Development, Latin America
    Phone: (217) 223-7255
    Email: schneider@ibiquity.com

Please direct questions on licensing or other business matters to:

Rick Greenhut,
Director, U.S. Broadcast Sales

or email broadcaster@ibiquity.com  

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