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The Buzz About HD Radio Broadcasting

 “In tests of all Seattle-area FM HD Radio stations using the Yamaha [RX-
V4600 receiver], the results were breathtaking.” – The New York Times
“The switch-over to digital on KNX-AM sounded as if someone who had been talking to me on a cellphone had walked into the room, in mid-sentence. In fact, the first time I heard it, the change was so dramatic I thought I had mistakenly switched the band to FM.” – Los Angeles Times
“When [we] stop at a traffic light, the static thickens. But after pushing a button on the radio, switching the 100.3 FM broadcast from analog to digital, the noise magically vanishes.” – USA Today
“The car radio switches from analog to digital and suddenly, all the static is gone. On WHUR-FM, Prince's singing takes on a striking new clarity. Over on AM, an even more dramatic transformation occurs …” – Washington Post
“Stations that verge on the unlistenable suddenly lose their pops and clicks [with HD Radio]; better stations whose fuzz and hiss you take for granted lose the chaff and gain more openness, as well as greater range between loud and soft tones.” – Forbes

“Switching over to conventional radio [from HD Radio] was like throwing a blanket over the speakers..." - U.S. News and World Report

“What changes in FM digital is the background noise - it totally disappears in HD … The one AM station I could receive in HD nearly knocked me off my chair.  I was listening to a talk radio station and the voices just popped from the speakers.  MSNBC

“HD Radio offers super-clear sound on existing AM/FM channels (more than 700 stations are already digital).”  -- Reader’s Digest on selecting HD Radio to it’s “America’s 100 Best” list for 2006

"You have to hear it to believe it. It’s that good."  - Detroit Free Press

[Detroit multicast station] RIFF2, combines hip-hop, hard rock and alternative, formats that usually never mix. Such experiments are possible again, just as in the early '70s, during the heady, free-form days of underground radio. – Detroit News

“After a few minutes of listening [to HD Radio], we didn't want to go back to an analog broadcast … Don't be fooled by the small size of [the Boston Acoustics Recepter Radio HD].  It can fill a den or great room with crisp sound.” – Orlando Sentinel

"What's in store for consumers equipped with these new [HD Radio] receivers is nothing short of remarkable." - Ward's Auto World

“Amazing!  The high frequencies came to life with detail and clarity.  The monotone likeness of FM broadcasting was gone, giving my system life that it only displayed while playing CD’s.  I then switched to AM and was even more blown away.”  - Car Audio and Electronics

“The realism of more faithfully reproduced source material, including dynamic punch and clarity, is breathtaking on HD for anyone who appreciates good audio … Supplemental HD will be a big breath of clean, fresh air for the typical consumer who uses these services.” – Radio World

“[Hearing HD Radio] was like the first time I heard Album Rock on FM, which opened up a whole new listening experience." - Media Week

“… Barry White's unmistakable baritone is booming out of the speakers with a clarity, depth and presence previously unheard on FM radio. The guitars snap, the cheesy strings soar, the sound is wide and spatial [in HD Radio].” – Billboard

“The difference [between analog and HD Radio] was quite amazing. Suddenly all of the static and distortion associated with FM radio disappeared, and the sound was crystal clear. Even I – a nonaudiophile – could hear the improvement.” – PC World

“For radio to broadcast only in analog, it really puts us at a competitive disadvantage. Digital radio allows us to compete much more effectively with all the other media that's out there.” -- John Hogan, CEO of Clear Channel Radio (quoted by Dow Jones News Service)

“It [HD Radio] is uncanny when you press one of the radio presets and go from reasonable sound to really great sound.” – PC Magazine

My initial impressions were that I must have been listening to one of the music channels on my satellite receiver, because I was hearing no static or noise associated with AM/FM broadcasts … At last - a high resolution broadcast format free to the general public. – Audioholics.com

The [Yamaha] V4600's HD Radio performance exceeded our expectations … HD Radio sounds better than satellite radio, and it's free. – CNET

"HD Radio is about more than additional programming. We are discovering that HD radio is an entirely new radio art form." – Ben Roe, director of music, NPR (quoted by Billboard Radio Monitor)

"[HD Radio] will lead to the renaissance of radio this decade." - Greater Media president/COO Peter Smyth (quoted by Billboard)

"HD Radio is vital to the future of radio broadcasting.  It will keep radio relevant, and you can't overstate how important that is to our medium."  -- Caroline Beasely, chief financial officer for the Beasely Broadcast Group, (quoted by CNET)

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