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iBiquity Digital Tools for Streamlining HD Radio Product Development

iBiquity Digital works hand in hand with consumer product development licensees, offering Development Tools Package, which includes reference designs as well as customized engineering support. Included in the package are:

Hd Radio ModuleHD Radio Module (HDM1181)

iBiquity Digital’s HD Radio Module simplifies building HD Radio receivers by reducing development time, while offering an economical and flexible solution for manufacturers to quickly bring to market lead-edge HD Radio receiver. The design allows product designers to develop an HD Radio receiver with limited required knowledge of HD Radio technology. The Module supports a “master mode” and a “slave mode” and is designed to work with the HD Radio Software Development Kit.

Reference BoardHD Radio Reference Board (HDR1182)

iBiquity Digital’s development platform provides the hardware and software for manufacturers to expedite the development of HD Radio products.

SDKHD Radio Module Software Development Kit

This kit provides an easy to use API for developers to build their own user interface.

Exciter LiteiBiquity Digital’s Exciter Lite

iBiquity Digital’s Exciter Lite generates HD Radio signals for product testing.

CDMCDM (Command Diagnostics Monitor)

CDM is PC software with a user-friendly interface used to send commands and receive data from the HD Radio development platform.

Debugger PodDebugger Pod

Provides a USB interface to connect the development radio platform to the CCDM software on the PC.

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