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Trademark Usage Guidelines for the Media

Members of the media may use the HD Radio word mark in text without prior approval from iBiquity, provided that the uses are truthful, fair, and not misleading. However, you may not use any HD Radio logos unless specifically authorized by iBiquity to do so.

Do not equate “HD” to “hybrid digital” or “high definition”. “HD Radio” is the brand name for the digital AM and FM radio technology developed by iBiquity. “HD” is part of the brand name and does not stand for either high definition or hybrid digital.

Be sure that your text does not use the words “HD Radio” as a noun.

Be sure that the first or most prominent use of the words “HD Radio” (often in the title of your piece) is marked with the ™ symbol.

Include the following notice somewhere in your text, such as in a footnote or small print at the bottom of the page:
HD Radio™ is a proprietary trademark of iBiquity Digital Corp.

General Guidelines for Using Trademarks in Text

These rules apply when you want to use the words “HD Radio” or any other trademark as words in text, such as in product manuals, news articles, books, websites, advertising, and other promotional materials..
Never use the trademark as a noun.
Correct: Buy an HD Radio receiver.
Incorrect: Buy an HD Radio.

Always use the trademark as an adjective, followed by a noun.
: Our station broadcasts using HD Radio Technology.
Incorrect: Our station broadcasts HD Radio.

Do not make the trademark plural.
: I bought two HD Radio receivers.
Incorrect: I bought two HD Radios.

Do not make the trademark possessive.
: Enjoy the high-quality sound of an HD Radio receiver.
Incorrect: Enjoy HD Radio’s high-quality sound.

Do not alter the trademark in any way.
Do not use hyphens, slashes, prefixes, suffixes, etc. Do not abbreviate any part of the mark.
Correct: HD Radio Technology
Incorrect: HD-Radio Technology; H/D Radio Technology; HDRadio Technology; HDradio Technology; HD radio Technology

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