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First Generation Radios Featuring iTunes Tagging with
HD Radio™ Technology to be Showcased at CES

Alpine, JVC, Sony Join Polk and JBL

Las Vegas, NV, International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7, 2008 – iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer of digital HD Radio™ technology, will showcase and demonstrate the first group of HD Radio receivers incorporating Apple® iTunes® Tagging technology at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) here this week. Devices from Alpine Electronics of America, JBL, JVC, Polk Audio and Sony will be seen for the first time publicly. Las Vegas’ Clear Channel stations KPLV and WKNR are currently offering tagging information. For demonstrations of the service, visit the HD Radio booth #1835 in the North Hall at CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10! Also stop by receiver manufacturer booths:

  • Alpine - North Hall meeting rooms N101 – N107
  • JBL - Hilton 18121
  • JVC - North 1431
  • Polk Audio - South 1 20507
  • Sony - Central 14200

iTunes Tagging takes the HD Radio system one step beyond multicast channels, high-quality digital sound and text services. It enables consumers to "tag” and download songs heard on HD Radio stations to an iPod with the touch of a button. The next time the iPod is synced on iTunes, the selected songs are displayed on a list, ready for purchase.

"In one short year, the number of HD Radio units available has more than tripled, the number of HD Radio stations has shot up by over 400, and national retailers have come on board in droves,” said Robert Struble, President and CEO of iBiquity Digital. "HD Radio is now mainstream, and with new advanced features like iTunes Tagging, offers the most advanced listening experience for the digital lifestyle.”

The revolutionary iTunes tagging feature is found in devices with special iPod connectivity. It allows consumers to "tag,” download and purchase songs heard on both primary FM frequency and HD2 multicast radio channels. Broadcasters like CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Cumulus, Cox, Entercom, Greater Media and others are currently implementing iTunes Tagging in their HD Radio broadcasts.

With more than 1,500 AM and FM stations broadcasting in HD and over 700 HD2 multicast channels on the FM dial, HD Radio is the newest advancement in broadcast radio – a medium accessed by more than 90% of the U.S. population in any given week. HD radio offers listeners new and unique formats and content in crystal clear, digital sound with no subscription fee.

About HD Radio Broadcasting

HD Radio™ Technology is the latest advancement in broadcast radio, a medium accessed by more than 90 percent of the U.S. population. Listeners can enjoy the local stations they love, now digitally enhanced in crystal-clear sound: FM is CD-like quality audio and AM sounds like FM, with no more static, hiss, pops and fades. Creating an exciting variety of new stations, HD Radio multicasting allows for more choice in music, news and sports on FM channels. Heightening the experience, HD Radio Technology also puts real-time information on receiver display screens like song title, artist, traffic and weather -- all subscription FREE. More than 1,500 stations in the U.S. are broadcasting with HD Radio Technology, with over 700 new multicast (HD2 and HD3) channels. Visit http://www.ibiquity.com to find the local stations in your community.


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