By the early 1990s, the digital revolution was firmly underway, as embodied initially by the success of the compact disc. Understanding the need for radio to keep pace with this rapidly evolving landscape, CBS, Gannett, and Westinghouse formed USA Digital Radio, in 1991 to explore opportunities for digital AM and FM radio. Following several years of testing and development, the In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) method of broadcasting was completed to enable digital signals to travel the airwaves alongside traditional analog signals. IBOC remains the underlying principle behind today's HD Radio technology. By 1998, with backing from 15 of the nation's leading broadcast groups, USADR was spun out as a separate company. Two years later, USADR secured $40 million in additional funding from strategic partners and venture capital firms. The company eventually merged with Lucent Digital Radio in 2000, forming iBiquity Digital Corporation. 

The iBiquity Digital Corporation mission is to drive forward the consumer mass adoption of HD Radio™ Technology in the United States and other countries worldwide.  We are achieving our mission through close working partnerships with a wide variety of companies who operate in AM/FM broadcasting, IC Development, Software, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Automotive OEM, Retail and Mobility industries.